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    The Rules


    Any message posted on this forum implies full acceptance of these rules.

    Please don't use SMS language, we're on a forum and not on a phone.

    No insulting, racist or discriminative talks; you must respect everybody here.

    No publicity for your website, blog or whatever; please respect this point, or you'll get in trouble.

    One “hello”, one “thank you” it's nothing at all, and it is more pleasant! In the same way, don't forget to close your subjects when they are ended or resolved.

    Any behavior contrary to the savoir-vivre of the forum will be punished by the immediate deletion of the accesses: unrespect of others, appropriation of outside sources, redistribution without authorization, and so on. You have to respect the Copyright, and the work of each others, or we’ll chase in justice.

    Presentation, Signature and Avatar:

    On Themes FA, you don't need to participate: you can come only for downloading themes or using codes, you do what you want to do.

    Be careful! Only a presentation gives you all the accesses to the forum, it's just a bit of politeness in this harsh world. You don't need to write a book, 1-2 lines are enough.

    Maximum size for the signature : 500 x 150

    Maximum size for the avatar : 150 x 200

    Any signature or avatar not respecting the maximal size will be automatically deleted.

    Downloads - Codes and Tricks:

    Each forum here has its own rules: don’t hesitate to read the first messages, at the top of the forums, you’ll find useful information there.

    Any request of help (whatever it is) requires that your profile is up to date with the link of your forum: any false address (Google, Idonthave, etc.) or address of forum-test is not valid.

    If you want a theme's personalisation, you must give the address of the website where you will install it.

    The explanations of each download and codes and tricks are not here for nothing: have a look to read and to do, in the order, all which is written.

    You can also give some tips or codes, but remember to take a look in the section to verify that your tip hasn't already been posted.

    Do not forget the minimum of politeness in your requests, one "hello", one "please" or one "thank you" has never killed anybody!

    These rules can change at every moment, so don't forget sometimes to read them again.

    Edit: I remind you that this forum is French, and so are most of its members. If you don't understand a word of French, please use an online translator like Anyway, you can still speak in English, may be certain people of the staff understand it.

    Last update : December 16th, 2017

    Translated by Basil Hawkins & LadyRed.

    Rules drafted by Quierra for the best usage of the forum.
    You do not have to copy out nor redistribute, all or any, without authorization. Thank you for respecting the work of each.

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